Merzware can provide you the following advantages:

Our websites are an essential part to any business. They make the internet work for your business. From employee time-clocking to company reports, we guarantee that once you implement our ‘Extranet’, your administration will wonder how they ever got along without it. Our websites bring your corporation closer together through the internet. Get real time stats right when your project manager updates it. The key is that the ‘Extranet’ can be accessed anywhere! From the company headquarters to out in the field, the information can be real time from anywhere.

Creating web services can be the key to any efficient system. We create the web service ready to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Your ERP system can be a web service sitting on the web, accessed by your customer service agents, Sales representatives, dealers, etc... Imagine that, this means that your orders can be inserted into your database from software application, through web services and you just sit back and fulfill orders. We write everything for you. We specialize in .NET VB and C# 2005 & 2008 environments. We use SQL Server 2005 and 2008 or Oracle 11 databases.

The internet changes daily, so you don’t have to worry. We maintain and upgrade on a regular basis. You come up with a new idea or a new project, we implement those ideas almost immediately. We create our projects in a way that they are upgradeable with the minimum amount of costs. We see the future and and we embrace and prepare for it with all our web projects. We are here for you.

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16 April, 2008

5.11 Tactical in Modesto, California implements new Extranet in .NET. Download company reports and view all web orders. Read more

12 June, 2007

Stanislaus county, Modesto Ca, creates a 'Nurse of the Day' website. Ask questions to the county nurse on duty. Read more

11 February, 2008

Cortez Dojo in Manteca, California creates an online registration for all tournaments. Read more